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I’m a visual artist based in Reggio Emilia, Italy. I come from the DanceTheater scene and I’ve been working for several years with different groups, with the aim of developing expressive and creative potential within people through body and words. Also, since more than 10 years I’m undertaking a creative path through photography and audiovisual – but my journey is only apparently heterogeneous. The topic of human being, of our existence in the dimension of space and time, plus the experience of living itself, within its own mystery, are the main focus of my work. The research I carry out feeds on the study of oriental philosophies as well as great occidental thinkers. The projects’ times of gestation are dilated, as I wouldn’t start from pre-established ideas. I rather move from inner images and wait, as the process will lead to the manifestation of unprecedented images, together with the understanding of the deep meaning of what I’m doing. Creation’s time is slow, it’s made of the art on listening, of doing and not doing. I observe and investigate the contemporary reality I’m part of, and though photography is the favoured tool I constantly shift my focus, each time experimenting with other medium within the quest for a better support for expression.

Solo Show 

2023 Sul confine del visibile, Eremo della Pietra, Castelnovo ne' Monti, RE

2021  Spiriti di Pietra, Pietra di Bismantova, RE

2021  Celeste Terrestre, Galleria Farioli, Busto Arsizio

2019  Memories in Super8, Detour Festival del Cinema di Viaggio, Padova

2018  Memories in Super8, Fotografia Europea ON, Galleria Parmeggiani, Reggio Emilia 

2017  Celeste Terrestre, curated by Baboni e Taddei, Museo Il Correggio, Palazzo dei Principi, Correggio, Reggio Emilia

2017  Rodriguez mon Amour, Pangea, Padova 

2017  Rodriguez mon Amour, Casa Museo Antonio Ligabue, Gualtieri, Reggio Emilia

2016  Rodriguez mon Amour, Fotografia Europea Off, Reggio Emilia 

Group Exhibitions

2023 Terre Cucite - Re-Immaginare la Trama del Mondo - SpazioIF - Palermo

2023 Terre Cucite - Xs Project - Galleria Arte Tessile Contemporanea Gina Morandini - Maniago (Pn)

2022 Terre Cucite - Dal Bianco al Nero - LeArtiPossibili - Stecca3 - Milano

2022 Parlami di Luce - Mutazioni. Dall'oscurità alla Luce - Lanificio Conte - Schio (Vi)

2022 Underskin - Crag Home Gallery Turin curated by Chippendale Studio

2022 Parlami di Luce - Ljus, Chippendale Studio, Milan

2021  Spiriti di Pietra - Combat Prize - Granai di Villa Mimbelli - Livorno 

2019  Underskin - Bologna Design Week - Adiacenze Bologna

2019  Underskin - Combat Prize - Sac Spazio Arte Contemporanea - Livorno

2019  Underskin - Fallimenti curated by Luca Panaro - Milano Photo Week - Chippendale studio, Milan

2019  Tutto è Dato - Milano Design week - Brera Design District  - Living Experience 

2019  Tutto è Dato - Barrhaus -Set up plus - Bologna Design Week

2018  Tutto è Dato - Musei Civici - Reggio Emilia 

2018  Celeste Terrestre - Premio Nocivelli, finalist, chiesa della Disciplina, Verolanuova - Brescia

2018  Celeste Terrestre - Combat Prize, Museo G. Fattori - Livorno 

2018  Memories in Super8 - Anelli di Newton, curated by Chippendale Studio - Milano Photo Week 

2017  Celeste Terrestre - In/Art, Villa Genesio, San Polo d'Enza - Reggio Emilia 


2022 Marie Marzloff Award, int’l art contest -Art&Act - Winner

2021  Climate Chance Venice - Finalist 

2021  Combat Prize - Finalist

2020 Premio Marchionni - Rosso Passione - Selected

2019 Combat Prize - Finalist

2018 Premio Nocivelli - Finalist 

2018 Combat Prize - Finalist

2018 Fotografia Europea - Selected Open Call Official 


2021 Combat Prize, Catalogue, ed. Sillabe

2021 Mikros. Ed. Door Publishing, Roma 

2019 Combat Prize, Catalogue, ed. Sillabe 

2018 Fotografia Europea, Rivoluzioni Ribellioni Cambiamenti Utopie, Catalogue, Silvana Editoriale.

2018 Premio Nocivelli, Catalogue 

2018 Combat Prize, Catalogue, ed. Sillabe.

2017 Combat Prize, Catalogue, ed. Sillabe.

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